UCL Advanced Centre For Biochemical Engineering

For more information on the Hub, collaboration and how to join the industrial User Group please contact: Dr. Naveraj Gill, Strategic Alliance Director, Deputy Head of Department (Enterprise) e: naveraj.gill@ucl.ac.uk , t: +44 (0) 203 549 5619

Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

Bio-manufacturing solutions to transform healthcare precision in the bio-therapeutics sector UCL Biochemical Engineering has an outstanding track record and is a world leader in bioprocess research across a range of sectors. UCL’s Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub engages leading academics across the
UK as Spokes. This national asset is valued in excess of £20M over 7 years (2017–2024).

The Hub will address the manufacturing, business and regulatory challenges to ensure that new targeted biological medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at a cost affordable to society.

The research will span stratified protein medicines targeted to particular patient groups through to truly personalised cell-based medicines.
The Hub is unique in the bio-manufacturing space, and is being supported by a large number of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the biotherapeutics industry and non-governmental associations.

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