HPCE-512 by deltaDOT

Improved Discovery Power – no molecular labels

deltaDOT HPCE-512 offers dramatically improved discovery power in comparison to other conventional CE systems without the use of molecular labels.
deltaDOT interior
This is achieved by the combination of substantially enhanced resolution, sensitivity and quantification power of the instrument, along with the digital output of data delivered as clearly resolved  separations. The system has proven capability in almost all modes of CE.
It allows analyte  molecular weight and concentration to be assigned and absolute measurements can performed using calibrating markers. Supplied with the instrument is a powerful customized.

Optical Rail

UV light is directed from the source via filters and optical components at the capillary window.  The detector assembly contains a photodiode array of 512 detection points.
optical rail

Capillary Block

For most electrophoretic separations a fused silica capillary coated with polyimide on the  outside is used. The separation lengths can be set from 20 cm to 70 cm by selecting the  appropriate route in the capillary block.

Data Analysis

The data analysis of biomolecules performed using the HPCE-412 is enabled by proprietary Equiphase Vertexing Algorithm (EVA) and Generalised Separation  Transform (GST) algorithms. GST is a method of combining the data from the multiple pixels in  a natural way which preserves the peak shape information of the electropherograms while at  the same time maximising the signal-to-noise ratio. A factor of 10 increase in signal-to-noise  using GST as compared to using single point detection, is typically observed.

For details of the data that the HPCE-512 can generate please visit Application Note Downloads.